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Gary went on a 13-hour gambling binge. He died with nothing left

Gary Van Duinen went on a 13-hour gambling spree, but the one win he wanted never came. "I'm not like those other yobbos," he told Joy. "You're exactly like them," she told him. "You just haven't lost everything yet." By early May this year, Gary's whole life revolved around the pokies. He even stopped seeing friends who did not gamble. Sonia left him, saying she'd be back when he gave her control of the family's finances. "I just thought I could shock him into it, the thought of losing his family," she explains. He tearfully confided to sister Tracey on May 13 that his marriage had collapsed, he had no money for fuel or groceries, and because he couldn't pay for materials or wages, he couldn't work. Friends rallied and Joy paid enough of Gary's bills for him to get back to work. He seemed to be getting his life together, and when he agreed to hand over the family's finances to Sonia, she said she'd move back home. She arranged to do that on Friday, June 1. Going through his bank statements, his family discovered that in the lead-up to his death, Gary had spent the deposits paid to him for three jobs on a series of gambling benders.

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